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I have set-up my website, although some products are ready for sale, there are other collections which are not yet ready for sale.


How to I add a "Coming Soon" on for those Collections ?


I have Minimal theme.


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Do you already have products added to those collections where you want to show coming soon text ?

You can add Coming soon text in description fields of the collection which will show under the title of collection page in most theme .

When you have no products added in collection you may see something like text below in collection page .

"Sorry, there are no products in this collection"

You can edit collection-template.liquid file to replace that text with coming soon text.


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Hi @Cazzie 

If you want to show comming soon instead of add to cart button then do following:

we have two way to do this using alternate template and using tag condition. i am showing you eacy and tag method:

1. Add "coming_soon" tag in product that you want to show as Coming soon.

2. add bellow condition in your product template (Section->product-template.liquid) as bellow:

{% assign check_var='false' %}
for tag in product.tags %} {% if tag contains 'coming_soon' %} {% assign check_var='true' %} {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% if check_var == 'true'%}
//coming soon text or button
{% else %}
//existing add to cart button {% endif %}


Second method is create Alternative product template and add you coming soon code on this page and assign to all coming soon product. 

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