Compare at price not showing on Product Page except when I enter $0.00

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Hi, I'd appreciate anyone guiding me in the right direction, I have vantage theme and the Compare at price stopped showing up even though it was entered correctly (Compare price at = original price & Price = reduced price).  A little twist is if I entered $0.00 in the Compare at price, then it shows up with $0.00 crossed out next to the reduced price on product page.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance,



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Here is an example: 


- the "Sale" listing on the collection page shows correct sale icon, current price with compare at price crossed out; however,

- when you click on the sale listing, the compare at price doesn't show up:

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Follow this:

Search variant.compare_at_price in product-template.liquid  and replace it with bellow

{% if variant.price < variant.compare_at_price %} {{ variant.compare_at_price | money }}{% endif %}

If you can't let me know because its depend  on your theme code.

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