Compare at price on single variant changes the other variants too

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Hey there,

i want to add a sale page and followed the instructions for the automated collection from here

When i change the compare at price on a single variant it also display all the other variants on the sale page even though i didn't change anything on the other variants and they shouldn't show up. I only changed the price on this color in the size 50/56

Thats the first problem.


Another problem is the design of the discounted products. The names of the producst are crossed out instead of the old prices. This doesn't make sense at all:


Do you have any idea why it's displayed wrong? I use Debut theme and only did minor css changes, so i have no idea why this is happening. Or is it normal if you use such a simple, free theme? I have problems like this all the time and i'm starting to getting crazy with this.


Thanks for any help!