Configuring Our Products

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Hi all

We have a design question around we best configure our products. Ideally we want to be able to do this without using a paid app.



We sell cycling tours. Usually 2 or 3 days long. Not a physical product. We run two types of cycle rides. We sell a core product (the ride) and we sell the following options: 1) Upgraded camping, 2) Return coach travel and bike transfer, 3) Weekend camping equipment hire, 4) Date picker (two date options), 5) Bicycle hire, 6) Flex Luggage. All options except the date picker involve an additional cost.


The problem

We need to:

  • Be able to cross sell up to 5 extra options to the user for each product (we don't mind how this is done as long as it's intuitive)
  • Where there is more than 1 person booking, capture up to 5 fields of personal data for every person on the booking (not just the person making the booking on the checkout page as comes out of the box)
  • Where someone books upgraded camping, if they book a 2/3/4 person tent, we need them to input the names of the people staying in that tent
  • Where someone books bicycle hire, we need to capture their height

The solution

Please help. Looking at some ideas but can't see that any of them work, e.g.

  • Amazon style 'Customers Also Bought This' under the main product on the same page (so we don't have to use variants), so other products cross sold from main product
  • As a collection
  • Partly with variants, partly with some other app

We've managed to implement 3 variants alongside Infinite Options free app to have a date picker at the top, and then 3 variants with a cost for each, but that doesn't do the full job.


Many many thanks