Content for FAQ cannot be found anywhere

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I have an FAQ page:

But I cannot find where to edit it anywhere on my site. I looked in the code and template customization areas, but it's not there.

I am able to edit the title from the code, but the content itself I don't know where to find. I'm dumbfounded.

Can anyone help please?

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Did you ever find the solution to this? I'm having the same issue!

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Navigate to the page in the admin Online Store > Pages -- when you click into the page I'll assume you see this:


If you see in the right hand side there's a dropdown where you can apply a template. If you see anything other than "page" like above you see "page.faqs" -- you have a different template applied to your faq page. You can edit the contents of the template by going to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code on the theme you want to edit. Then go to your Templates folder and there should be a file, which in this case would be called "page.faqs.liquid" -- That's my guess on where you would look to edit.

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