Conversion Between Currencies Off? + Rounding Off Decimals

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Checking the conversion between $ to € on my store and comparing it with the conversion on xe conversions there's a difference.

For example:  $45 = 41 € in my shopify store, while on $45 = 40.19 € 

                       $80 = 72.89 € in my shopify store, while on $80= 71.46 €

Since Shopify is also using for any conversions, is this difference normal and because of a slight lag between conversion when the rates change again?

Also, is it possible to display the conversion without decimals ( without having to install an app for it, I tried to install the auto conversion app but it messed up my theme so I removed the app ). 

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Phil!

The difference is just due to a lag in submitted conversion rates, and so it can vary a small amount.

In Settings > General, you can edit the Standards and Formats to show {{amount_no_decimals}}:

If yours reads {{amount}}, just give that a switch and you'll be set. :)