Copy-paste theme from one store to another

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Hello! We are building two identical stores - one for Europe with different language versions and domains and another for the USA.

So, the EU store is ready and since it has an EN version, we would like to just copy the current theme and paste it to the other Shopify store. My questions are:

1) Should we buy the theme for the US store as well before uploading the theme?
2) Should we add all apps that the EU store has before uploading the theme?
3) We have some custom edits on the EU theme such as fonts edits, currencies edits, filters edits. Will they be also transferred or we should hire someone to create the codes again?
4) What is the actual way to copy and paste the current theme from one store to another - downloading the theme file and then uploading it to the other Shopify store?


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Hey there @Bikerapparel,

1) Depends on if you have a single store license or multiple

2) You need to add the theme first and then add the apps. Apps will then inject the code into the theme

3) The custom code will be transferred if you move the theme correctly (I.e downloading it from your current store). You may lose some customization if the developer targetted elements added by apps.

4) Yes, correct but make sure you've two store licenses.

Hope it helps.


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