Cost effective fix for Jumpstarts terrible product pages?

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Hi there,


Does anyone have a cost-effective fix for Jumpstart's terrible image gallery? Here's an example of a product page:


As you can see, you need to click on the little red dot below the image to change to the next image. This isn't intuitive at all. I'd much rather have a little thumbnail of the image below. 


I can make minor changes to the code but I can't seem to find any tuition for this online. I'm only just starting out and don't have the finances to pay a developer. I'm worried I'll have to change theme to fix this, but I've spent ages trying to get my current theme in a useable state. Feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a hopeless situation!


If anyone could contribute any code that might fix this I would be so very grateful!


Thanking you in advance,