Create a line break on text in translation page

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Hello :)
I am customizing the text in the checkout, specifically over the "customer notes" section and over the "finalize payment" button.  I have managed to do this by editing the language translation page. I would like to add a line break in my text since there is a lot of shipment information but I have not managed to do so. 


In the code (locales --> es.json) I have tried:
\n (neither appears nor creates a new line)

<br/>  (appears in plain text)


How can I add a line break here? 
The text is all in a block and currently difficult to read. My customers need to tell me a shipment time that works for them since it is only local deliveries. 

Thank you!

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Hey there


Once you have `\n` in your translation file, on your template when you're typing out the code you need to add '| newline_to_br' to your output tag.


It'll look something like this: {{ '' | t | newline_to_br  }}