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So i wanted to create a members only store and I found the felow article which makes you have to login to access the site.

If someone doesnt have a login then they need to register. Customer clicks the register button and it takes them to the register page. All good so far. Customer fills out all the fields correctly and clicks submit. Great... 

However, After the submit is click the page goes back to the login screen as if nothing had just happed. No email confirmation, no new customer in the shopify portal. 

So I tested the register without the code from . After clicking submit it takes you to the Confirm you are not a robot page. You submit that and then the customer is logged in and an account is created.

So would it be fair to say it fails at the Confirm you are not a robot page?


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Hi Regan, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great question. If it is not working correctly and logs the customer out after submitting it to the re-captcha, it sounds like something might not be quite right with the code input somewhere. It's really difficult to fully find out without actually looking into the code itself. Because this is a tutorial that isn't supported by Shopify directly, it might be worth reaching out to a Shopify expert to look into this and implement it for you as a small task job

Also, if anyone else on these forums has experienced this previously or has any knowledge of something like this happening, it would be great if they could share/ elaborate further. But your best bet would be to double check as a small task expert to be sure and get it right from the beginning.

An alternative for a members only store set up for you could also be the use of an app. There are several apps in the app store. There are a couple of apps in the app store which I think could work for you below:

All the best, Nick

Nick | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Guys,

I have tried this amendment to the liquid file and it works. pretty easy to do.

Few problems i have are:


1 - I cannot change the store look and feel using the bottom grey banner options anymore.


2 - Because I can't change the preset CREATE AN ACC with additional fields exactly how i want it, I have instead created a special registration page for my wholesale customers to register from. This page link is available in the Header and FOOTER but, when I made the above change in the liquid files and tested it to see what links worked or not, Everything redirects back to LOG IN page.

My link to REGISTER A WHOLESALE ACC does not link.


How do I get the link and show Under the SIGN IN button?

Or work in the header where i have placed it?


Please help! 

Whats the fix?

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if you want to create members-only store, only for approved customers, you can use this APP.
Not approved customers and visitors can see only login or registration page, or unlocked pages, which you can add in app configuration.
You can approve or reject all registered customers in app configuration too.