Created Drop-down Menu, but menu is not appearing when the mouse hovers over Menu Button

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My theme is courture.

I have 3 Menu Buttons (Home, Collections, About Us).

Under Collections I want (Spring/Summer 17) to appear when you hover over Collections. 

I went to Navigation > Clicked Add Menu > Next to Menu Descrptions:  Name: Collections (added name exactly the same as it is on the home page) > Next to Menu Items:  Name: Spring/Summer 17 (added what I want to appear when moused over collection) - Link:  Collection (from the dropdown) -  (then I chose the collection Spring/Summer17 from the dropdown) > Save Menu

On the Navigation page The Shopify site auto made a Handle:  collections-1

When I went back to the online shop the little down arrow (indicating a dropdown) appeared, but the menu item (Spring/Summer 17) I added is not appearing when I mouse over Collections.

I tried taking out the / between the spring summer thinking maybe it was an unfriendly, but it still didn't work.

What am I missing??

Thank you!

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Hey, Christine !

Koreen here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. :)

Great job on getting set up so far! When creating drop-down menus within the admin, it's important to have the handle exactly the same as the menu that you'd like to link this to.

In this case, as the menu is called 'Collections' the handle for the drop down will also need to be called 'collections'. As you have two menu items called collections, this is autogenerating a duplicate called 'collections- 1'.  This is affecting the drop down menu from pushing through as it is associating with the wrong handle.

To fix this up, if you delete or edit the old collection that is empty, this should then prevent any duplications and allow the drop down menu to push through.

We have a handy video guide on this here for reference.

I hope this helps!

Koreen W | Shopify

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I added a menu item in bar menu(Track your order),under which it contains two submenu items as dropdown. It is showing in admin panel,but in site beside track your order dropdown symbol is not showing and submenus is not coming as dropdown. our site url is suggest what is the problem