Creating Side Bar for the Supply Theme

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Hi guys,

Can somebody please advise me how I can create a side bar on my webpage for the supply theme. E.g Brands , Price Range Etc

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Hey Jenna! 

I found this little guide to be quite handy and hopefully helpful! Alternatively We also have a form now to request quotes for small design tweaks and jobs from our experts, which will get sent automatically to multiple experts who've agreed to take on small jobs! :) 

Hope this helps! 

All the best!
- Jenn 
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I have this same question... Looking for how to add a simple side bar menu to some specific pages, where the menu is a simple list of links...

With Joomla or Wordpress you can do it in a couple of minutes without knowledge of coding or web design...

The guide from Jenn refers to a guide to add a mobile slide menu, not a side bar menu (list of links).

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The supply theme comes with this feature built in. In order to create a filtering menu like you are describing you need to go to your theme editor, click collection pages, and choose "filter by groups." Then you must add tags to each individual product following this format: Brand_Nike or Color_Navy Blue. The first word before the underscore will be the name of the category (color, size, brand, etc) in the sidebar, while the word(s) after the underscore are the name of the specific option (blue, large, Gucci).


Gerardo -

Could you accomplish a sidebar with a list of links with a grid? Go to the html and edit the template for the page you are trying to alter using the Timber grid: or if they are pages that you built, you could switch to the html editor and add a grid there...