Creating Sub-Collections with Brooklyn (NOT FROM MENU NAVIGATION)

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Using Brooklyn theme, when scrolling down the home page presents the collections with name and picture.

When I click on it, i am redirected to the collection page (and that's fine) where all my products are and it looks very busy and products are hard to find even though tags are setup.

I created Subset collections (using page list-collections) and I want THEM to appear after I click on the "mother" collection and not all the products, so it will make some order in the results.

I know there is a tutorial talking about it BUT it's only for the Menu that appears at the top of every pages and not for what I m asking for.

I ll be very happy for any help on that cause I m struggling with it a long time now.


I ve attached a very short video that shows how it works (bad) from the home page and how it works (good) from the menu .



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Bump, I have the same issue.