Creating a collection for out of stock products

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Shopify has a "filter by inventory equal to 0" option on collections but it applies to ANY variant which has 0 on hand, rather than filtering products to the collection which have ALL variants with 0 on hand counts. There is no way that I can see (or that Shopify support for that matter) to filter products which have NO inventory on ALL variants ONLY. This is driving me nuts because it's already bad enough that the product collections can't easily filter out of stock items to the bottom of a collection if you have more than 50 items (even extended to 200 in the code it's not manageable) but to be unable to do TRUE filtering of 0 on hand products taking into account variants, it's frankly BS and I know Shopify will do absolutely nothing to address this unless hundreds of other stores bring it up in a short period of time, so now I'm down to reaching out to the community to see if anyone has a solution. Bear in mind that I have over 9000 products, so manually adding tags to out of stock products is NOT an option. I need an automated method if tags are going to be a solution in some way. Thanks in advance.