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Hey, I currently have a website running on motion theme and I've recently got flex theme, however I begun the transfer and not all the pages have transferred to the flex theme from the motion theme. I am trying to make the pages on flex theme but I cant make changes to the page it self. I've tried make templates in the code and putting in the same block scheme that is used on the main home page but it doesn't seem to change and I can't make change the page's template for the flex theme because I currently have the motion theme live and I can't swap them out until the flex theme is fully ready.

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You can make changes to page templates on themes that arent live as long as the same page template exists on the live theme. For example, say your motion theme is using a page template for the about us page and it's called "page.about-us". If on the flex theme you want to make edits to the about us page, you'd need to make a page template with the same name "page.about-us" -- then when  you make changes to that file and you preview your theme and navigate to the about-us page, the change will be reflected.

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