Credit card payment order at checkout

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Hello Shopify Geniuses,

I seem to have an issue with my checkout.

There is an option for the Paypal payment method, but the credit card way is most important for me, because most of my customers are older people, who don't tend to have a Paypal account.

The credit card section only appears after you have entered your address and selected your shipping option. I have a feeling this will make me lose customers, as it doesn't even explain to customers that credit card is an option.

How can I get it to display as an option with my other forms of payment instead of having to enter all of your info first?

I have read numerous articles (including one by @Urban504, from as far as 2 years back) and reached out to Shopify numerous times, and although the support people I have talked to seemed very pleasant and genuine, it didn't help me at all.

I don't believe that this is an issue for everyone, with shopify being such a massive company as big as it is, I just don't understand how such a critical conversion-damaging feature this is.

Thanks for reading, and know that your help is appreciated more than you could ever imagine,

Cheers, Anthony