Currency formatting false in shopping cart overlay/popup

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Hello guys!

I'm new to Shopify and I'm slowly familiarizing myself with the liquid code. I'm using the theme District.

I have following problem:

We are using this currency formatting in our webshop
€ {{ amount_with_comma_separator }} EUR

It works very well but there is one exception. When you add a certain product to the shopping cart then a small overlay pops up (in the right upper corner) with a summary of the whole order and the checkout button. In this overlay the currency formatting is false and with dollars instead of euros. When you click further to the shopping cart page (=checkout) then the prices and currency are back up to normal.

It would be great if anybody has some tips for me. Thanks a lot!



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Hi Marian, 

this can be fixed easily.

Step 0: Make a copy of your theme by clicking the 3-dot button next to the theme name and selecting "Duplicate" to try this modification in this copy before appying it to the live shop.

Now open your district.js (maybe district.js.liquid) Asset,  find this code starting at approx. line 1012:

  StyleHatch.productPageVariants = function(options){
    var moneyFormat = options.money_format,
        variant = options.variant,
        selector = options.selector;

and add this line right below: 

        Shopify.money_format = moneyFormat;

Save, test, report any problems or deploy.

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Hi Tim!

That works!! Easy explanation and great solution! Thanks a lot!

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Hi Tim,


I'm using Venture Theme and I'm basically facing the same challenge as Marian did. I've found this problem when I review my store on the mobile phone. Could you please show me how to fix it? Thanks!


Kind regards,