Custom Web App Guidance? RE: JavaScript Buy SDK

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So version 1.0 of turned out pretty awesome and I've managed to drive tens of thousands of sales in a very short period of time. I believe it's a market leader in the jersey space (which isn't saying much really, but I did nail what I was aiming for)... but there is big room for improvement. 

For version 2.0, the main driver of improving my site isn't market forces, it's basically me wanting to lower friction, increasing customer enjoyment on my site to improve the performance of my marketing spend (also my inner UI/UX geek wants something super slick, I find my current site a bit clunky and slow). 

I'm a business guy with limited technical knowledge. I currently outsource my web development to an awesome web developer who has helped me customize my theme, I've also worked with Sketchfab developers and artists to develop my on site 3D product showcase. I'm looking for guidance on the next phase of my business, what tech should I use that allows me to polish my store up to the next level. I've got a developer working on a texture and color editor for my hockey jersey 3D model in sketchfab and I need to figure out how to provide a UI/front end for his work. I also want to add page transition animations, tactile animations added to buttons, solid responsive design, solid social sharing options, high end polished design look, something a bit closer to google's material design but not religiously following it.

I'm basically trying to figure out what my next tech steps are to achieve this goal and it seems like Shopify is opening up the door to simplify things:

Which toolset would be most beneficial/compatible with my shopify store?

  • React
  • Polymer
  • Vue
  • Other?

What CMS would I use, would I just have a custom theme built for Shopify and use the Shopify CMS? (I'm thinking this makes the most sense).

Am I trying to reinvent the wheel here? Should I just stick with the shopify theme that I have and work with Timber? Input from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello , I am building my web page and for some reason cannot navigate around the pages can anyone help me . I have invested so much time and work cost cannot continue my page is just blank.