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We are implementing a design for a customer where there needs to be more content than just title, description and image on the collection pages.There is a header that could have a video background / extra text and custom content in the product grid (see mockup below).

On start page we have sections that take care of the video header, etc.

But what is the best solution for collection pages?
What is the best practice?

I guess there is mainly two options:

  1. Meta fields
    Add meta fields to collection for video url, extra content and position

  2. Pages with template
    Create a page template for collection and then create a manual page for each collection.

Thanks you!



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Hi there @Mox,

I don't understand how you would use the meta fields for this exactly? Though, you can easily use the second option which is having a different template for collection and customizing it to your needs.

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Thanks for the answer!

The metafields would be used to say have a field for background_moive and then populate with a url to a movie and grab that information in the collection template.
Maybe thats not even possible, I'm not sure.

For option 2 - How would one handle the automatic generate collection pages /collection/men vs the custom one created by admin /pages/men 
In terms of redirects, google, etc, whats the best practice here? 


Thank you!