Custom fields for a product

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I have followed the steps here for making new custom fields:


I have successfully created a custom field YAY!!!   


However, a couple of things I cannot find out how to fix


1.  When I have the product change to my new template, my ADD TO CART button is no longer a solid color, but is white. 

2.  Also the quantity selection goes away.

3.  I cannot find out how to make the new field vertical and not right next to the variant.  I want them to all be in a single column under the variant, but right before the ADD TO CART button.  I know that when I have 2 variants on other products, they all are in a horizontal row and that's fine.  But I plan on, for one particular product, at least 2 custom fields and I don't want them all scrunched in a horizontal row.


Any help on why the button is no longer a solid color, qty selection, and a direction to some code to make the new fields vertical?





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Hi @pambesteder ,


We can certainly help you with this !! Can you share your store URL so I can have a deep look into it ! 


Thanks & Regards
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Hi @pambesteder ,

    Please share your store url. it help me to understand your issue.

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