Customers able to add more items than available to cart including when out of stock.

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Hi There May.


I have the same problem. We have a 20 seater restaurant and sell reservations over shopify.

There might be only 2 seats open, but customers are able to add lets say 4 seats to their cart. When they check out there is a small warning and the quantity goes back to two automatically. Problem is people don't read. They just check out and assume they have a reservation for 4 guests. They then show up very annoyed at the restaurant.

I have tried the following fix but it doesn't make any difference.


I also have a box with the available amount of seats right next to the quantity selector on the cart page, but still get customers "over booking".


If i can have a pop up message saying that you added more items to the cart than available, like the link claims to do, that would be great.


Would appreciate your help.

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Hi, I was reading your issue about the overbooking with the restaurant.
This is a quick note just to comment that I was able to solve it. I just
contacted shopify chat support and with debut theme they give 1 hour of
free customization. In 15 minutes they sorted it out. You can check at with debut theme and should work. Good luck.
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Thank you for your reply. After posting I figured out that it was a installed app that was messing with the code in the link i posted.

All sorted.

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