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Hi all,

I'm just trying to come to terms with shopify customisation and am having some troubles achieving what I want.


I have a set of collections that will be viewed as a collection list on the Homepage of my shopify store.


I want users on my site to start by clicking on one of the collections. This will then take them to the page of this collection.


As our site and market is quite niche I would like to provide the users with some information about the collection once they arrive on each of the specific collections' pages to help them decide on which product to select. I see that I can do this in the 'Description' box in the collection pages that I access via clicking on 'products'->'collections'.  However the text that I write in the description box shows up very narrowly on the page. Taking up even less than the middle third of the screen.


Meanwhile the products listed in this collection appear below this descriptive text and are 4 to a row, taking up the entire width of the screen. As you can imagine this does not look very good with the descriptive element of our products taking up so little space and then once you scroll below the products take up all the space.

I was wondering it there was a way to stretch the area that the descriptive text takes up. 


Similarly with the descriptive text I would like to place photos adjacent to text, however every time I put in a photo it appears directly below the text, making this informative section of the collections page unnecessarily long.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Hi @tbonito, I have to admit that using theme customization for collection page, or product page is limited. If you want to add more content, such as text, video, image, or product recommendation and take full control of your pages, you should use a page builder to customize them easier, and no code needed.


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Hi @tbonito 

Send me your store url i will check, because its depend on theme code.

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