Customization Cart Reading not working

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Hello friends,

I bought the trendway theme and try to add custom fields like dropdowns and fields and that worked with this tutorial:

But the Cart reading code isn't working for me. I added the code which must be under
{{ item.product.title }
but is not working.

Can someone look where the mistake is? and how I can add the same CSS for the same look of my fields.

Here is an example picture what I really want: ( i would donate a good amount of money if someone could help me to do this)

I want custom:

  • font color dropdown(red,blue,yellow,white,black),
  • custom text input field shown immediately on gallery (like on photo)
  • my own bought font must be shown on the photo (see photo red text)
  • when press add to cart the custom fields must shown in cart


everything without 3rd party