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Hey guys,

I was just trying to figure out how to add simple text to the the order confirmation page (EU-required). It's this page:

I just got my report from trustedshops saying that I am required by law to add a note on that page but I am unable to find this. Any ideas?





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For those app devs out there - reviving a super old post just to promote your app isn't cool. Those posts will be quickly flagged, and vanish. Especially when a post like this was just talking about some simple text and not looking for an app.

If there's not a line drawn the forums can quickly become a place for non stop spam/ads and less actual community help. 

Those reading this will just have to trust there was a post before this one.


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So... is there an answer? I too am looking for a way to customize the order confirmation page (without an addon).

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The answers are in the documentation.

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no one gives a crap jason. Its shopify. This question needs answered so let it be answered but instead ive wasted 30 seconds reading your bitching

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@cmrickels maybe if you read through the rest if the comments and checked out Karl's answer you would know he provided a link that shows you how to add a note to your order confirmation page. If you frequent the boards at all, you get people reviving topics from years ago so that they can promote their app. The comment was probably removed from this topic, which is what Jason was addressing. If you didnt notice he's been pretty helpful around the forum, so maybe dont be a **bleep** if you want anyone to help you.
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@KarlOffenberger wrote:

The answers are in the documentation.

the link Karl provided is dead. any updates on where the answer lies?

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In order to make changes to the checkout page, you must be on the Shopify Plus plan. And you have to activate checkout layout.

After that you can edit the checkout.liquid file, which is located in the layouts folder.

To display arbitrary text in  confirmation page, place this code


<div id="text-box"></div>


in the place you need for example under {{breadcrumb}}.

and preceded by the closing tag </body>, add this script


    if ( == "thank_you") {
        document.querySelector("#text-box").innerHTML = "your text"


Where add your text instead of "your text"

The text should be in a quotes!