Customized Checkout no longer available: ACTION REQUIRED!!!

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Hey Gang,

For those who don't know, shopify removed the ability to use a custom checkout stylesheet some months ago.  See this topic:

In the above thread, there were several responses from shopify employees stating that they will be "reintroducing SCSS for all shops at a later time." It was also mentioned that it'll be a matter of weeks.  This was 6 months ago and nothing.

6 months later, I'm fed up so I contact shopify for some answers, apparently customizable checkouts are NEVER COMING BACK!  The rep said that I can get this feature back if I pay for a plus account $700-1000 / month!!!!  NOT MUCH OF AN OPTION AT ALL!!

One of the main reasons why I chose shopify is because I can easily customize the checkout page.  I've now put months of development into the site and won't be able to use it.

I find it appalling that there's no response from shopify at all, no announcement, nothing.  Personally, I need to hide certain elements from my checkout pages and I know I'm not alone with this.

I truly believe that they don't realize how badly they've screwed people over.  I've basically worked on my site for over a year now and I fear that I may have lost all that time and money and possibly employment.



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At the time we (Jonas) made that post, we were planning to bring back checkout.css for all shops, but later found that it wasn’t feasible. In order to provide the best checkout experience possible, we need to be able to update the checkout with new design standards.  Any changes are thoroughly tested before going live and will not ship if we see an overall decrease in conversion.

We can’t update people to new versions of the checkout if everyone has customized the checkout themselves. However, we understand that people need the ability to customize their checkout.  We’ve added the ability to customize checkout through the theme editor (no css required). If you think we’re missing a critical part of checkout in the theme editor, feel free to contact the Support team here or elsewhere so we can make a feature request.

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Finally a response from shopfiy,

Feature requests: 

Ability to hide prices

ability to hide or show certain payment options (i.e. paypal)

ability to set a size in pixels or percentage to the logo

ability to colour all the fonts and svgs

abilty to hide the sidebar, abilty to set colours to the borders/outlines

Anyone else feel free to jump in here.


What I don't understand is what has changed lately that you can't give us access to a checkout.css anymore??? 

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I want to switch themes, but i'm hesitanting because I do not want the big ugly paypal button back.

I was able to hid the paypal button before checkout.css was blocked. it confused customers, they thought that was the only payment option I had....

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I've built Shopify sites for various digital agencies for years, but my last one was about a year ago. I implemented a custom checkout.scss.liquid file with no problems.

I started a new Shopify project a couple of weeks ago and covered all the style changes that I thought were possible on the checkout pages, with the designers. Today I was supposed to start building out those style changes... and found out I no longer have that ability. 

The decision that Shopify took to move forward with this with no announcement is a bit disturbing, to say the least. 

If it's possible to add more editable items to the checkout pages: ability to add a responsive size to the checkout page logo, to change the fonts (sizes, typeface, weight, letter spacing, lie-height), remove border radius and most borders in general, change the loader color... etc. But the ideal solution, obviously, would be to let us upload our own custom checkout styles!

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Hey @Alex M,

Really appreciate the point you made in your post. However I respectfully disagree with the notion of Shopify's current checkout improving conversion. I don't doubt that a huge amount of time has been spent by your product team developing something which works well however the customisations on offer really are not substantial enough to brand the checkout in any meaningful way.

I would argue that consistency is far more important in ensuring conversions and preventing dropoff. This serious regression in Shopify featureset takes us back to a point where my client may as well be using a Paypal Expresss checkout. This default appearance (albeit well engineered) completely fails the brand focused experience my clients look to offer their customers. I'm not alone in this:

Whilst I understand the concern of customer's ending up with a dysfunctional checkout owing to shoddy theming, I don't understand why as a registered Shopify Partner can't also offer customised checkout theming to my clients. Some toggle within the store setting labelled, I hereby declare myself a consumate professional willing to face the consequences of customising the checkout process. Then my client could be constantly notified within the dashboard, Your asshat developer has opted into a customised checkout, this is harming your conversions. Would you like to revert to Shopify's unicorn powered Checkout process. CLICK HERE.

Adding this type of toggle places the control back in the hands of developers and Shopify's paying customers. As this functionality is available on the pro package ~$1000, I don't see this regression as anything other than a means of penalising the small businesses that helped establish Shopify as a leading one ecommerce platform.

Look forward to hearing from Shopify,

Cheers, Luke

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Totally agree with you guys. I've read several threads where Shopify employees say something to the effect "... if we see an overall increase/decrease in conversion... then we'll do this...".

NOTE TO SHOPIFY EMPLOYEES: Your testing is statistically irrelevant. You can't test one random website (or even if you tested a hundred different sites, which I doubt) and make a blanket statement that conversion went up or down. It's meaningless. The only testing and conclusions worth more than a pinch of salt are testing on each and every customer website. Every industry, product line, and market can produce completely different results. Add to that, the extensive testing done by real testing organizations and years of publicly available ecommerce experience, and it is CLEAR that many of Shopify's assumptions about the checkout process are completely wrong.

Besides, if you have a number of your customers asking for certain features, why not deliver them?

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Tim mate, much as I agree with the sentiments above (although my general feeling is there are way too many capitalized words in this thread:), I have to say you are off the mark. I would proffer that the checkout changes are made based on analyses on many thousands of store checkouts (even tens of thousands). I think the point is that just because some change has a statistically significant positive effect across a wide sample set does not mean it necessarily applies to your particular store... 

Anyway, I concur with the OP — this is a crock of shit. The ability to control your logo size is pretty much an essential requirement for any brand, especially if you are trying to use a 2x logo (which would make sense in a responsive checkout, right?!) Don't even get me started on fonts and colors... And all those people that just want to hide PayPal or turn off border radius to match the look and feel of the rest of their site; I feel you. 

I feel like we've regressed 6 years.

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Hi there, 

All the replies on this subject, I mean, all of them, are against Shopify on this. 
Store owners, developers, Shopify partners, most (if no all) Shopify plus partner and Shopify plus managers/staff

At some point, if there isn't a very good explanation of the reasons that lead you to this choice, you're gonna lose customers, and you're gonna lose your partners as well. 

The only reasons you made that choice I can see, apart from your "security/trends" fallacious reason are: 

  1. It pushes some customers to switch to Shopify Plus, so more money for Shopify.
  2. You only focus on cart conversions, wich means more sales and more money for Shopify.

Increasing conversion is a short term way for Shopify to increase its income. (Long term is a risk since you may lose quite a lot of customers without a good way to customize the checkout).

So, let me ask a questions related to that:  (plus the fact you did raise your Shopify plus prices very recently).
Is your main concern about your customers (store owners) and partners or your shareholders?


So, I am an almost happy Shopify customer for over 4 years with 4 different shops (one has the new checkout). We do have an IT department that works hard on customizing Shopify and we love to work with the tech. 
I also do have some friends that are seriously thinking on building Shopify sites for the Japanese market. 
But I have to say that if you don't come out with a good option for the checkout, we may have to switch to another platform, and my friends won't be able to sell your platform in Japan.  (It's a shame because all the merchants I know here are very unhappy of the very expensive cost of local saas solutions). 

As I want to stay positive and constructive, I will allow me one last question before giving you my recommendations on how to improve the customization options. 

Will you, at some point, force old stores to switch to the new checkout?  And I NEED an answer that I can trust !
Let's be clear, if yes, our Japanese website is down, we'll have no other solution than switching to another platform. Unless you give us the options to 1) hide payment methods in the checkout (CSS based, so we can keep having access on our end) and 2) add text for each section of the checkout. 

And here is what you absolutely need to allow to do : 

  • The ability to control the logo size
    Reasons are obvious
  • The ability to hide the "checkout with PayPal" very ugly yellow button.
    Stores that offer PayPal as an additional payment method might prefer not to have the PayPal option taking over other methods.
  • A few more customization options
    > fields border radius
    > some fonts for non-roman languages such as Japanese or Chinese
    > Stretching background image (and not a repeating background)
  • The ability to add text to each part of the checkout. 
    We do need to display disclaimers such as "we do not delivery to PO Boxes", or "Delivery address modification will be charged $10".
    On our Japanese site, we also do advertise the customer to change his name from Japanese letters to roman letter in the credit card name field. 
  • The ability to add text for each payment method (and especially the custom). 
    As we would like to remind our customer that COD will engage additional fees. 
  • The ability to reorder the address fields. 
    > This is a major issue in Asian countries where the family name come first and addresses are not formated the same way.

The irony here is that most of the customization we need are meant to 'fix' some of Shopify missing functionalities such as
> Adding custom charges to a payment method like COD 
> Have hidden payment methods (for phone orders only for example - and don't sell me your Shopify POS system, it doesn't work in Japan). 
> The fact the customer name is automatically copy/pasted in the credit card field even if in a non-roman language (Credit cards are issued in Roman letter everywhere in the world, if you copy/paste a Japanese name, the customer doesn't know he has to change it... very disturbing, we get phone calls on a very regular basis about that problem). 

I will conclude saying I am more puzzled than disappointed.  You implemented the t filters, force your partners to internationalize their theme to sell in the theme store, so you obviously want Shopify to be international and not only for the English speaking market. 
But on the other end, you don't do the job on the checkout (you even roll back on some useful features), you don't implement a few key features that are mandatory in European countries, etc. 

Shopify is very inconsistent, and it's not reassuring for the future.




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Hey @Jordy,

Thanks for taking the time to put together your post and keep it positive! Really interesting to hear how it affects the stores you working on, and I hope that we'll see a followup from Shopify soon.

For my own part I've moved a store under development away from Shopify, and currently putting together a proposal for a new store that will not be hosted with Shopify. For this I am looking at Woocommerce running on WordPress. It's for a premium fashion label so I am looking to ensure each step at checkout is subject to the brand's identity, which does not involve rounded corners. And I should caveat the premium to say that this is not a high volume offering so there simply aren't the margins to accommodate the Shopify Plus costs.

I echo @Jordy's closing sentiment, with these recent and significant changes to Shopify how can I recommend this as a stable platform for a business expecting to use it over a period of 3 or more years?

Cheers, Luke