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Hi all,


So I've looked through the forums to try to find an answer, but couldn't find anything concrete. So for a specific collection, we want to make it so it's a manual collection (easy, got that). But we want to display the collection with photos on the left, and the title, price, and description to the right of the item, limiting it to just one item per row. I'm only a novice coder, so my knowledge is limited. I know I have to make a new collection template for this one collection in particular, but I'm lost on how to move it around so that it looks how I described. Of course, in practice this might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but I'm hoping that I could move it around and play with it once I get a little further. Any help or advice on how to add these product descriptions to the collection page as well as limit the number of items per row would be most helpful. Thanks in advance!


Hello We can customize collection layout.
As there is no default feature to display layout like this.
So we have to midify the collection page.

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