Customizing and adding Categories in Products page

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Hi, I've been literally running in circles now trying to figure out how to add catogeries in my products page. I couldn't find any solutions, what ever i saw was either outdated and not working. So id really appreciate it if you guys could help.

I'm using Brooklyn theme and I've three pages, (home, products, about us, {cart}) And i've added three products now and I was wondering how to add a section/collection/category example like, "Men's" or "Kids" or "Electronics" I guess you'd know what I'm trying to gain here.

Just to add it up, i made a collection, and put my products inside it and somehow it doesnt do any affect on the site. Literally nothing like as if the collection doesnt even exist!

I just wanna know how to make those categories inside the products page. so customers can go to products page and choose a specific category.


Hoping for a reply soon, thanks!

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Hi Suneyhu,

The reason your collection might not be relfected on your site could be that there's nothing linking to the collection. For example in your navigation the collection that is being linked is 'collections/all', if you want your collection to show up on the navigation you just need to simply add it. You can test to see that your collection is active by opening the collection on the admin end and clicking "View". That should bring up the page containing your collection.

In Shopify your categories are basically your collections so as far as building those categories there are a lot of ways to do this. One of the easiest ways (if the theme allows this) is using a nested menu in your navigation that would contain links to the collections for your categories. Example layout: Shop > Mens > T-Shirts. In the example below you have Bed & Bath > Bedding > Duvet Covers, Pillow Shams, Bed Runners. 

Another way to do this is to build a page similar to your all collections page and turn that into the "categories" you desire. For example, this shop built this page with thumbnails and icons at the top of the page showing the product categories/collections. You can build a page containing thumbnails for men and women and have them link to another page that contains thumbnails for t-shirts, pants, etc that link to their respective collections.

Adding these to the actual product page could be a little tricky and since the option is not already available in Brooklyn you would need to custom code that into there with link lists or a list of thumbnails pointing to respective collections. You could also use location based breadcrumbs like in the image below.

I hope this helps!

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