DEBUT THERE: How to change font of menu buttons in header?

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I have just begun working on a new site with the latest version of Debut with the .liquid and .css files, rather than the old .scss system.  I, too, am having trouble finding solutions to questions because most things show the .scss solutions.  

If I go in to theme settings/Typography and change the font of BODY TEXT, it changes the menu buttons in the header, as well as the titles of the sections.

How would I separate the two so I can change just the font of the menu buttons in the header to one font, and the section headings to another?


I am also wondering how I could move the language drop-down menu to the header rather than the footer.

I have many clients that are from mainly four other countries besides the U.S. and I would like for it to be obvious that they can change the language as soon as they hit the site.  Is it possible to add a separate "header right above that main one that has only that option (or right below the account icon)?

And with regard to language... if a customer logs in and then ultimately purchases something from the shop, does it automatically convert currency to their language if they chose the language option, or do they need to choose both (both are currently in the footer)?

In my industry, foreign customers are used to seeing sites in English and Dollars only, and I assume that when they purchase, PayPal automatically converts currency for them (most customers use PayPal).  Perhaps a currency option isn't necessary?  While it might make the details easier for them, it might also be a PITA for them to have to choose both the language AND the currency options.  

If I can add the language drop-down to the header, I may just disregard the currency option in the footer, unless there is a way to add that to just the checkout process.  And yes, I have already added the various languages and currencies to the site.


And... I accidentally PUBLISHED my first revision, so it's live.  I am working on an another template, but how do I UNPUBLISH the first one so it's not public in the meantime?

Thank you in advance!






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Please add the following code at the bottom of your assets/theme.css file.

font-family: "Your font name here.." !important;


For unpublished your store you can make the store password protected. Goto Online store -> Preferences, see screenshot below.



Hope this helps.



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Hi please let me know if this works. i need this as well