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Dear all,
I have attached a screenshot of an image with text overlay (Debut Theme - Image with Text Overlay).


1) The text needs to be aligned left (not center), and 2) I need to understand how to change the size of the different text parts. Can you help and show the code to do that?

The first sentence should be at the top left and have a bit smaller font.

The second line ("Einfach. .....) should be below and in bigger font.

The third part of the text should be below in smaller text.

I can play around with the sizes later but would be grateful about where to change the code for the font size, alignment etc.

The URL is

I can provide pw in private message if necessary.



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You can send me a PM with your password and I can take a look at it for you.

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please Share a password 

Thanks & Regards
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