Debut Theme - Remove Header

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OK, so just one line of code in just one file locks it for life. 

As I understand it, there is no way to ever get rid of the 'blue dot" even if you take out the one line of code. I tried it and I could not get  the file back to 'virgin' status. Even if one space is entered somewhere your system knows it was chaned and you can't un-change it (especially if you forget where you put that one space or blank line!)

So, assuming I'm right above, once you make a single change... even to just test something, you can never ever update that theme again... not auto... not manual. 

Is that right?


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I'm trying to do this same thing but only on my homepage (I created a custom landing page and don't want my header OR footer to be showing). Wondering how I can do this only on the one page, not my whole site.