Debut: Theme - Showing Featured Image until Product Variant is selected.

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Hi there,


I am trying to show a featured image until variant is selected. I followed this tutorial: . However, I can't seem to settle step 11. I am able to complete Step 12 for "Other Free Shopify Themes", managed to find the code and change it. 


Could this be because I don't have the Product.liquid Snippet or Single-product.liquid Snippet (as described in step 10)? I could not find the /cart/add in any of the other two sections.


My store is



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I can solve your problem but please email me theme zip or shop accesses it is possible for you?



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Hi I am having the same problem with the debut theme - I would like the media I upload to show as the first image (product image) rather than the variants. Can anyone help? I've used the same guide as posted above but stuck on the same step. 


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I am having a similar issue.  I've gotten the Debut theme to have the default variant be a prompt to select a variant and show the Feature image.  The problem is that when I select a variant it keeps the picture on the feature image instead of switching to the variant image. 

Does anyone know if this can be resolved?