Debut Theme: Toggeable Text Boxes on Product Page

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Hi all, 

I hope you can help me with the following question! 

I am using the Debut theme and currently have a very long text section on my product page. I need to tell a bit about each product, give its general details (size et cetera) and I also always add a little text to explain how to take care of the product. This adds up to a LONG story obviously. 

I would prefer to cut my text box into three segments: one 'about' one 'general details' and one 'care manual'. Preferable, the customer would be able to hover over these three tiles and choose the text she wants to read. 

Is this something that I can change in my code, or do I need help from a developer? 

Thanks in advance for your help! Kind regards, Anne 

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@Anne21stFinds - if you want to put some content on description then I recommend please check some app which gives you accordion option. Because otherwise you will need to take help from developer but again you yourself will need to put correct code each time you add new product and description to it.


It can be done,, but will be bit difficult for you if you do not know html/css.

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