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How often does Shopify update their Debut theme?  When was the most recent update?

I have a customized Debut theme done by following the Shopify docs (created a duplicate theme), but this theme was modified almost 2 years ago.  I would like to start updating the base Debut theme that was used and I found the documentation on how to update (manually *smh*).

How can customers properly maintain the themes they have added to the store?  I'm assuming that when Shopify rolls out updates to the themes, they do not AUTOMAGICALLY implement the updates (per the docs), so how can we see when the base theme we are using has been updated, or changes have been made?  I understand that the platform itself is automatically updated, but there is no documentation that I could find on when the theme itself is updated or modified.




I'm having the same concern. Hope someone from Shopify can answer these questions.

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I have the same problem but can't find any solution or somebody who can tell me exactly what / how to do without losing any data. Any help is welcome. Thx!


I have discovered that Debut gets updated quite often. 

I am not sure if it is still the case, but if you have no code customization to your theme, it will update automatically. 

If you have any code customizations, you have to update manually. 

in the code file list, there should be a blue dot next to any file that has been modified. 

note that you will have to set up a lot of the customization again, like the home page. Whoever built the Shopify file setup was extremely short-sighted.  To say the least. 

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