Debut theme bundles without an bundle app?

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Hi everyone,

Il try to explain the best I can what I mean. Currently someone's making mock-ups of my products to create a bundle picture. I want to make a collection on my website. Currently I have 'accessories' and 'clothing' collections and I'd like to add 'Bundles' to that and display there 3-4 kind of bundles. 

I'd like to display the image where different products are just in one picture (the one which are being made) but then the customer clicks on it they can choose different sizes per item. For some context -> my website is :

1 bundle for example is a lifting belt + knee sleeves and the picture will be the sleeves and belt in one picture. If customer clicks on 'bundles' collection and on the picture, there should be an option to choose a size for both the sleeves and the belt.

If I add a product in Shopify it seems I can only add one product instead of adding two in the same 'product'

Hope this is a bit clear, Will add pictures of the mock-ups as soon as I have those.


Yes, Shopify doesn't support 'product groups' like other platforms. For each product, you can only define 3 options. With 3 options, there are at most 100 variants for each product. 

If you can predefine 1 combined size option for the bundle like XS lifting belt+ XS knee sleeves = $110, S lifting belt+ XS knee sleeves, $115, it will be ok. 

Also, you can define 2 options, the 1st one for the lifting belt's size, the 2nd one for the knee sleeve's size. Fill in the sum of the price as the variant price. 

Both ways work If you don't mind the inventory. If you track inventory, you probably need to use some apps to connect the inventory between variants. 

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