Debut theme: grid not responsive

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I am using the grid - Image on the left, text on the right. Both set at 50%. Works fine on desktop. Out the box.... shouldn't these go full width 100% on small mobile devices and stack? Wouldn't this be set in the template by default to make that adjustment? They are squished still set at 50% side-by-side. The only way to make it work is to set both on desktop in the block to 100%, then use CSS to force them 50% on desktop so that they'll go 100% and stack on mobile.

Is this how this is supposed to work? I assumed, and I probably shouldn't have, that all aspects of this template would be responsive. I'm pretty accustom to responsive WordPress themes, so this is really frustrating that I'd need to do this much responsive CSS on a template I thought was already responsive.

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The responsive layout is dependent on your requirements for layout on each screen.
The Theme only creates a basic layout, if you want to change the layout like you want, you also need to add the css code to change it.
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