Debut theme - is there a way to add "new in" feature

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I'm using the debut feature, I've recently launched my shop and happy with everything, but I was wondering if there is a way to add a "new in" feature on the home page?  Much like how you can feature particular collections, is there a way to create a new in feature that lists new products added as you add them on homepage - or is it something that requires purchasing an app?

The reason why I think a feature like this is useful is really for returning customers, a homepage can look boring after several visits, but a feature which shows new products added keeps the home page interesting and the shop looking continuously active.  

Thank you in advance for any advice or help on getting this feature on my homepage.




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You do not really need an app or something for this.


Create an automatic collection which will include all items in your shop (probably all available, by setting condition to stock level > 0). After saving and updating, when collection will show products in admin set sort order to "Newest" in collection properties and save.

This way this collection will automatically have all your new products at the beginning.

Then you can add this collection as "Featured collection" on your homepage and it will automatically show a handful of newest products in your shop.


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Hi Tim


Thank you for your reply and advice on how to create a 'new in' feature... I followed what you said set the inventory to 0 /set to auto and it did create a collection which I could showcase on homepage as - new in, the collection does list every product available from new to old, but I've only made the first 8 newest products available via the home page and have not included the collection in navigation bar.


So thank you, this works and let's me do what I wanted.

Thank you


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Hey, @Yasmin70!


That's a great question and also a good feature to have on your homepage. It keeps your store updated and looking active. 


One of the easiest ways to do this without any coding or third-party apps would be to by creating an automated collection.  You can give it a name such as "Latest Arrivals". What you will need to do is set it as an automated collection with the condition that the price is greater than 0. After that, save the collection. Go back into the collection and set the collection sorting to `newest to oldest.' 


This collection will essentially have every single product on your store but since it's sorted to newest, those are the products that will display first on the page. 


Let me know if that helps!




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Hi Dirk,


Thanks, I had already had a reply from Tim who basically gave the same instructions as you have mentioned.  This does work and allows to create a "latest arrivals" or "new in" feature on the home page.   Right now, I am able to show the latest 5 products (or 10 if have 2 rows).  As this is something that can be created without coding or purchasing an app it serves it purpose.  

I would recommend to others to not list the 'new in' collection in your menu navigation bar (or add a "view all" button) as the collection obviously includes every single product in your store (from new to old).  If you have several hundred products and make the collection available via a link it kind of defeats the purpose as it then shows 40+ pages of products.  I think it is better to just allow returning customers to just be able to click on the latest 10 products individually rather than viewing the collection.

This solution is great for those who just want to show the latest 10 products added to the store.