Debut theme menu and nav bar

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Hello! hoping someone can help fix these problems.


when the hamburger menu is open is the mobile version, the X disappears.

The X button is supposed to be where I put the red X. how can I get it back?

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 5.59.45 pm.png

And in the desktop version, the dropdown menu is blank. How can this be fixed?

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 5.47.26 pm.png



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Thanks for any help!

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We have checked for this issue in real system and browserstack but it is working ok. In which system configuration or browser you are checking?

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hi @KetanKumar  thanks for the reply.

the dropdown blank menu has been fixed but the hamburger menu problem still persists.


when i open the mobile menu, the X is there. but when I select a menu item, it disappears. i attached a video to show you what is happening

  Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 7.28.03 pm.png        Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 7.28.13 pm.png