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In the product page for debut theme, is there anyway to add extra sections like in the home page? I would like to add the sections under the product. Or are there other themes that could do this better?

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Hello @kchan9120 


Product page itself as a section and Shopify is allowing to add section inside a section. Almost, all popular theme are not providing way to add extra sections in Product page. We have to customize theme based on requirement and again those customization will be same for all products page.

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Hi @kchan9120 ,


I'm Kien, founder of LayoutHub App.


It's an easy page builder base on the block design model. You can create any page type by mix any block on the page you create.


Example with your case: You can add the "Product details" block with the " Related products" and "Testimonial" block together to create a product page and that answer your question.


You can see all our layouts and blocks/sections our library support here


If you need any helps from me just let me know. I will help you set up a successful store with our app in a very short time and very friendly to you.


I hope to hear from you soon.












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