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I would like to remove the sale tag box from my website. Here is my website link i want the green box with the word sale removed.2f2da01a0264ec614188a6c6659a1e9a.jpg

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1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2. Asset->/theme.scss.liquid->paste below code at the bottom of the file.

.price--on-sale .price__badge--sale {
    display: none;
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Hey @filip0801,


You can try this code:

.price__badges { display: none; }

I also suggest you add more details of the products in the list item description. It seems you are selling custom painting, which requires customers to provide more information. You should make it clear in the list items about the information required so that it's easier for customers to make decisions.


You can take a look at this article about personalizing product listing page to understand more about what to include within your collection page.

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This is an accepted solution.


add code assets/theme.scss.liquid bottom of the file



Hope this will work for you.



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Any tips on how to do remove sales tab in Retina theme? Have tried pasting all the following codes into assets/theme.scss.liquid and none work: 


price--on-sale .price__badge--sale {display: none;}


.price__badges { display: none; }


.price--on-sale .price__badge--sale {display: none !important;}


.sale-item { display: none; }