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We are planning to switch our theme from Minimal to Debut. Currently the website is live on Minimal theme. (
So regarding the Debut theme we have few issues that we want you to help and change for us accordingly:
1. In the slideshow option, we want the slide to be a clickable slide wherein we can directly attach a link to the image. 
2. In the "image with text overlay option", we want the image to be a clickable one so we can directly attach a link to the image rather than that "Shop Now" button on the image.
3. In the Gallery option, we want the image to be optimized properly to the mobile without cutting the edges, when you shift from mobile to desktop.
4. In the collection list option, we do not want the name of the collection displayed on the collection image.
Please find out Debut theme link here:
Hope we get all the issues resolved. 
Thank you.
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change to turbo theme, everything will be solved. 

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