Decrease section height in Jumpstart theme

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We are using the "Image and Text" section twice on our homepage and while the first section looks pretty good, the 2nd ends up having way too much white space above and below. I also want to add a third section that would only have very little text, so I'd want that section to take up maybe half the space than it does by default.


Is there a way to make the section height (for this section type only) flexible, so that it's orienting itself on how much text there is a bit better? I've played around with changing some numbers but it often messes up the formatting in other ways (image gets cut or alignment changes) rather than fixing the overall height.


Would love some help with this!


Website is and the sections I'm referring to are "Online Store" (looks fine IMO) and "Juva Rewards" (too much white).





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I checked and seems like image which you are using on second section has too mush white space.

check this image

so, remove white space from the image and upload it.


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That image is actually formatted that way because it gets blown up way too much by default. The section height seems to be always the same and not flexible with the content.