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I am wondering if rather than having the quantity selector be a field where any number can be selected, if there is a way to optionally add a multiplier to it, or have the quantity be selected in predefined steps.


use case:


The client sells products in singles of any amount, but sells to stockists in batches of 10 or 20. The client wishes to allow the public to also buy in batches of 10 AS WELL AS any number of singles.


Currently they have a collection of duplicated products with Variants of 10 or 20 and this has been working fine so far, but they are having a system set up to track stock based on ingredients, and ideally the quantity of the variants would be contained within the quantity, rather than appear as 3 x 10.


Is there a way to have this value 3 x Variant 10 appear as simple 30 units, or a way to define steps in the quantity selector?


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Yes,  you can do it, what theme you are using ?

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Hi Sarhov,


I've essentially used Blockshop as a framework and then massively customised it.


I believe it uses the standard quantity selector so I just need a way to alter this