Delete Multiple Item by line on cart page

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Hi there,


I'm developing bundle plugin and experiencing problem on removing item in shopping cart. Here's the case:

I'm bundling item with top item and bottom item to become bundled item. The top and bottom item have different variant.

I'm Adding:
one Bundle Item A
-> Item A Top Size M
-> Item A Bottom Size S

another Bundle Item A

-> Item A Top Size XL

-> Item A Top Size XL

I couldn't use ID to delete Bundle Item A because both of Bundle Item A have same ID.
I couldn't use line to delete Bundle Item A. I tried to fired the line 3 times (Bundle Item A, Item A Top, Item A Bottom), but the script is only fired once.

Here's some screenshot.

Can someone shed any light?

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I'll move this to Shopify Design so you can get help

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Hi Darwin,

Have you made any headway on this? I'm trying to do a very similar thing, and I'm struggling pretty heavily with this.

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