Delivery Date Scheduling at Checkout

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Hi All, 

I have been scouring the apps for a while to find an app that allows Delivery Date Scheduling. 

It seems as though "Delivery Date Scheduling" is the perfect app for the job, allowing me to set cut-off dates and for customers to select the dates of delivery. 

However, I am encountering an issue with the way it is setup on my page and wondering if there is a way around it or a different app that might be more 'water-tight'. The issue is that the scheduling calendar appears in the websites cart/basket. This means that as soon as somebody clicks on checkout, rather than going to the basket first, they can bypass the whole delivery selection date, making the whole application redundant. 

Is there any way in which I can insert the delivery scheduling calendar into the checkout process, rather than just the basket? Meaning that customers can't move onto payment until a delivery date has been selected?

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Sorry for facing this issue, it's my pleasure to help us.

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so sorry for that checkout page customization allow too only for Shopify plus plan do you have this?

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