Description not showing up for just one product?

I have the description for all my other products showing up on the web page, so I am not sure why this one isn't? Has anyone had this issue? I even tried copying and pasting from another product and change the description, but that didn't work. I haven't seen this issue before. 



I have checked your site.
It looks that this product is not assigned to any collection.
Need to check that product from admin.

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Hi @atmasofferings 

Your product description is under any condition may be its tag or metafield wise beaus product tab and short description not generating in page, Your product has description but due to any condition cant showing on front side.

Check Section->product-template.liquid to verify this.


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Thank you for the response of the inquiry I had from "Description not
showing up for just one product?"

I had the item under a few collections and tried just putting it under one.
the description is still not showing up. No idea what is happening!