Design Advice/Help Needed Please

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So I have a blog which I want to sell items from but would prefer to keep the domain name and move the entire thing from WordPress to Shopify.

My questions are:

1/ Is there a way to have my Shopify blog on and for the store to be on without paying for 2 different hosting plans?


2/ Is there a way to have a Shopify store, but on the homepage ( have a 'banner' across with a link saying: 'SHOP NOW' underneath that, a few product images/categories, and underneath that my most recent blog stores are displayed somehow?

3/ My dilemma is I very much want my blog posts on my homepage but I also want a highly visible link to the store and also a few products listed. Is there a 'Theme' that incorporates this or can by easily customised to accommodate it? I definitely don't want to go down the 'custom' design route. At least not until the business grows.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Huge thanks in advance.