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I am having major problems that is preventing me from contacting suppliers because I am having set backs in creating my store.


Footer Error 1Footer Error 1Footer Error 2Footer Error 2

Please see above attachments (See highlighted sections.  The problems/errors that I am dealing with creating my Footer.  Before I was able to sort the (4) tabs that formed my footer along with the color theme.  Now I do not have access to alter or make changes to the contents in the footer section. I'm not sure if the products/collections tab is set in a default that is not acknowledging the changes that I am making to my store.  But I am unable to create my Footer section in my design.  

Content disabledContent disabledDefault ErrorDefault Error

The above attachment is from the customized section.  Is this normal for the store to default?  What do these options mean.  I don't remember seeing these options before.  Since they have been on my store I have not been able to customize my store the way I want.  How can I reset this functions without losing all the hard work I've put in into creating my store?  I am following the DSL format in how to create my store with you and it has been a confusing process from the beginning.  

Product ErrorProduct ErrorCollection Error.jpg

Another is that I have been having is not being able is having my products shoe under the collection from the main menu.  Based on the your direction, I have created and deleted my collection 4 times in order for them to show from the main menu tabs.  I had to post all my collections on the store in order for the suppliers to see the products.  Even the options to edit the contents option have been removed.  


I really need to TALK to a real person about these issues.  This is my first time building an online store and DSL is redirecting me back to Shopify for help since I am using your site.  If I had the money I would have paid someone to deal with this, but since I don't I am building my site myself.  I've even tried looking for a physical number to call to speak with a customer representative with no success.  I plan to launch my store for Sep 1st and these issues are really delaying my progress.  CAN YOU HELP RESOLVE THESE ISSUES?!?!?!

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@house-of-maat Hello,

Please share your store URL, if password protected pls share the store password.
So that I will check and let you know the exact solution here.

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