Design Issues

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I would like you to help me solve the following issue on my Shopify website:

I was trying to add color swatches to my products by changing some codes in the "product-template.liquid" in the "sections" section. When it did not work I decided to undo everything and keep it as it was.
I went to older versions in "product-template.liquid" and put the original one to undo everything.

However, when I went back to the website a section on the main menu called  was not clickable knowing that this section has subcategories under it. Knowing that I. tried to delete the whole menu sections and re add them with no result.

The same goes on the mobile, the whole main menu was not clickable and a section cannot be swiped.

Also, when selecting another color for a product in the website, the image does not change. Knowing that it was working. 

One last problem: the background under my logo suddenly appeared knowing that the picture uploaded is .png.

I don't know if the codes made those problems or not.
Thank you in advance for your help.