Designing store for existing merchant - Best Process

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Hi Guys,

I am a Shopify Partner and have designed a couple of stores and handed them off as usual. 

I am now 're-designing' a store for a client who is an existing Shopify merchant. The re-design is now going to basically be a completely new design so I am thinking the best process will to:

-Design a new store separately as a new development.

- Export Products, inventory and customer CSV

- Import CSVs to new store

- Point the domain to the new store


My question is firstly, is this the best process. Secondly, what happens when I hand the store over, can they accept the store in their existing plan or will they need to cancel and get a new account?

Any advice much appreciated. I want to reduce the downtime so designing separately seems the best idea. 


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for the first question:

yes it's good approach, but you can also use theme kit so that you are able to use your code editor and git.  

for the second:

The new owner receives an email with instructions to create the account and select a plan. Until your client accepts the transfer, the store is paused. After the client begins paying for a Shopify plan, you start to receive your recurring commission.


After you've transferred a store to your client, you can also send them the Merchant Handoff Kit. Make sure to provide them with information about:

  • How they can access the store, including the URL (
  • The Shopify plan that you recommend for them
  • Anything else that you would recommend (such as apps to download, webinars to watch, or other resources to help them build their business)


the above instructions for the second quoted from Shopify help center page, see the full post Here .


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Thanks for the response, much appreciated. Sure you can inbox me. 


Regarding the second part through, they already have a subscription and active account for their existing site. So usually someone would select their plan when I transfer ownership etc but they already have a plan. So would this new website import into their existing account, or would it be a problem.