Detail on products for multiple payments

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I'm selling products with the possibility to pay in multiples times if the amount of the product is equal or over 100 euros and lower than 2000 euros.

I want to show two sentences that automaticaly calculate the price divided by 3 or 4.
And to not show the sentences if the price is lower than 100.

I tried the code below but it's doesnt work (it applies the sentences to all products even when it price is lower than 100 euros. Can you please help me ?

Thanks a lot.

{% if product.price_min >= 100 and product.price_min =< 2000 %}
<br>Payez en 3 x {{product.price_min | divided_by: 3 | money }}
<br> ou Payez en 4 x {{product.price_min | divided_by: 4 | money }}
<br> Paiement CB sans frais uniquement pour un panier supérieur à 100 € dans la limite de 2 000€ <br>
{% else %}
Pas de paiement en plusieurs mensualités possible pour cet article, veuillez ajouter des produits dans votre panier
{% endif %}